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Vegnola – Beet, Coconut & Cashew

Good People Foods is a local company located in Manitoba! All of their products are gluten-free and plant-based and contain no refined sugars or artificial colours. Their products are made with natural, high-quality ingredients, assembled with care and artistry in a low-intensity (low and slow) cooking method. This way they ensure all of those valuable nutrients and enzymes are not broken down in the cooking process, helping to boost digestion and give their customer energy to begin your day feeling great.

Inhale the light beet and vanilla aroma and exhale all the troubles of the world.  You’ll fall in love with this beet, coconut and cashew flavour for its perfect balance of earthy and sweet.  With each serving you’re getting a tasty and nutritious snack:

*Very high source of fibre
*Excellent source of manganese
*Good source of copper, phosphorous and iron
*No refined sugar, sweetened with a hint of coconut sugar
*Made with wholegrain oats
*Gluten free

Inside you’ll find:

Gluten-free oats, Beets, Organic coconut sugar, Coconut, Coconut oil, Organic pumpkin seeds, Cashews, Natural flavor, Spices, Sea salt, Organic beet powder.