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Smoked Orange & Ginger

TOP NOTES: Orange, Ginger
MIDDLE NOTES: Lavender, Violet, Cardamom
BASE NOTES: Cashmere, Sandalwood, Musk

Autumn’s return generally means a return to routine and schedules. Running around through the week. Calendars quickly filled with activities and adventures – friends, work and fun.

And while all fine and dandy, there’s something to be said for those cozy evenings at home where you can hide away, unplug and just enjoy getting cozy. Around here that means the heavy blankets come out of the closet, getting the fireplace going and settling in with a good book and favourite playlist.

As we explored scent notes for autumn, we kept coming back to a smoked blood orange fragrance. There was something captivating about the scent, it felt reminiscent of a smoked orange old fashioned recipe that I tried to master a few years back. The distinct scent of orange peel and blood orange bitters. That light smoky flavour. How warm and inviting it felt.

Taking that inspiration we got to work seeing which notes would pair well with a smoky orange base. Going back and forth between notes, mixing, testing and burning we settled on a unique blend of smoked blood orange, notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and candied ginger with notes of candied ginger and just a hint of sweet musk. Warm, slightly smoky, sweet and citrusy, with those sharp notes of ginger coming alive with each light.

Cancel those Friday night plans. Put the phone down. Grab that book. Try out that new cocktail recipe. Light a candle or three and that warm Smoked Orange + Ginger glow take over.