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Vegan Sheese – Cheddar Style with Caramelized Onion

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This is an especially tasty version of our popular Cheddar style Sheese, with its distinctive authentic “cheesy” flavour, coupled with the savoury yet naturally sweet and tangy caramelised oniony taste.

This will add an additional exciting dimension to your dairy free toasties! You can really begin to experiment using some of our recipes found below to put our Cheddar style Sheese through its paces!

Why not try it melted over jacket potatoes as well? You’ll also find it’s a tasty option when added liberally to pizzas for an extra burst of flavour.

Perhaps we should mention that it of course makes an excellent addition to any vegan cheese boards you are preparing for guests too? This is a real must if you need something to stimulate your taste-buds, and contribute to making your dairy-free meals and snacks more exciting!


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