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Wraps – Beeswax

Charlotte Ehlers is a local artisan living in St. Pierre-Joly, and is the founder of Leabee Wraps. She is a fellow sojourner on the path to plastic-free living.

Her handmade, earth-friendly beeswax food wraps won’t just halt your contribution to the plastic food wrap problem – they’ll also save you the cost of buying plastic over and over all year, brighten your lunch boxes and fridge with their pretty designs, AND, best of all, you. will. feel. awesome.

Wrap – Shape the wrap around container or food using the warmth of your hands. Voila! It sticks to itself and your dishes to create a tight seal.  (Avoid contact with raw meat)

Wash – Rinse with cold water or wipe with a cool, damp cloth. Use mild soap if necessary. Avoid hot water (it melts the wax).  Hang or lay flat to dry.

Reuse – Enjoy your Leabee wraps over and over. Each lasts for about a year.

Sets of 3 – available in a variety of colours.