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Kombucha – Boreal Blueberry

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Prism Kombucha is brewed at Fort Whyte Farms in Winnipeg, Manitoba using ethically-sourced teas, wild-foraged plants, and hand-picked fruit from the Canadian Boreal forest. Our kombucha is raw, organic, and best of all, flavour-packed.


What grows together belongs together.

Boreal Blueberry contains is made using Organic Assam Sonipur black tea and is blended with wild-foraged wintergreen, lemon balm, sweet grass, sage, Labrador tea, and raspberry leaf tea.

The secret to this perfectly balanced sweet-tart kombucha is the Canadian wild blueberries which gives this flavour its vibrant blue hue, and complex, sweet taste.

Boreal Blueberry is a great stand-alone drink or addition to any non-alcoholic cocktail.