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Inspired Designs – Abona Collection

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Variations on the word river evolved from the Welsh ‘Afon,’ Gaellic ‘Abhainn’ and Brythonis ‘Abona.’

These river boards all vary in type of wood, colour of epoxy and size, just like their names all vary in origin. The boards in this collection have been designed with a large chamfer/bevel around the underside edge of the board. This can serve two purposes: one is to allow for easy pick up from a counter or table, and the second is to give the board a different look from the top side.

These charcuterie boards are lovingly handmade in Winnipeg. They are finished in a certified food safe product. Each boards grain pattern and colour creates unique and one of a kind pieces.

Prices and dimensions of the boards vary; in-store shopping is recommended for this product.