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Farmer’s Son Co. – Spruce & Eucalyptus

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Step into the woods with our exclusive new stoneware collection, designed by and made exclusively for Farmer’s Son Co. Each vessel is uniquely textured and finished, lending their modern look to any space.

If you know anything about us, it’s that we love escaping to the woods. There’s a calm and solace in them that you don’t find anywhere else. A stillness that takes over, along with a desire to find our minds enjoy the quiet and wonder of all that surrounds us.

Seeking inspiration from our favourite wooded spots across Manitoba, be it the rolling hills of Riding Mountain National Park, the natural contrasts and wonders of Spruce Woods Provincial Park, to the land surrounding our family farm along the ends of the Duck Mountain Provincial Park, we got to work to create a collection that truly encapsulates just a few of the locales that we’re so lucky to find in our own backyard.

Spruce + Eucalyptus sees us pair white spruce, with its strong scent of conifer, camphor and natural sweetness paired with the green, sharp and intense notes of eucalyptus to create a scent variation that truly comes alive.

Fine fragrance oil

Cotton core wick

8oz gloss stoneware vessel – 45 to 50 hour burn-time enjoyment

Housed in reusable cotton Farmer’s Son Co. branded bag, includes dust cover

Hand wash only

Approximate diameter of 3.15 inch x 3.75 inch height

Repurpose your stoneware vessel by washing by hand in hot soapy water upon completion of your candle. Suitable for use as a bud vase, succulent planter, pen holder, or more

Pure soy wax, fine fragrance oil, cotton core wick