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Energy Bar – Ginger Snap & Apple


NEW Improved taste! We took a bit of the ‘kick’ out of the Ginger so your taste buds are happier 🙂

Remember Grandma’s soft ginger cookies? If you do, our new bars are just like that – but healthified! If not, let us explain:

Ginger Snap & Apple GORP Bar is the perfect pairing with your morning coffee or even your afternoon pumpkin spice smoothie! This bar tastes warm, spicy and – while we’d like to say it has a ‘hint’ of ginger, it has more of a polite punch in the face of ginger and nutmeg awesomeness! Hi-Ya!! *insert ninja punch here*

We skipped the almonds for this recipe and opted for their cousin, the melt in your mouth Pecan.

You are still getting the same functional doses of ground flax, omega3 and plant-based sprouted brown rice protein as our other amazing bars, but with the added POW factor of premium quality Ginger. Did you know Ginger eases muscle aches and relieves nausea? All the more reason to try this bar!