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Deb’s Claze – Butter Crock – Round/Blue

Deb Brown is a Manitoba potter whose love of working with clay started over 30 years ago. Whether working on the potters wheel or hand-building to create her pieces, each pot becomes an individual made to be used and enjoyed. Evidence of the handmade nature will be present on pots; sponge lines and finger marks, variations in size and glaze colors. All her pottery is made with a medium temperature stoneware clay and fired using glazes which are food, microwave & dishwasher safe. Pottery is for those who enjoy celebrating the everyday occasions. It’s not just for special occasions but rather, pottery makes every occasion special! Celebrate the everyday!

Butter crocks prevent butter from spoiling by blocking out air that can ruin butter.
Change the water in the bottom of the crock every few days and store in a cool place to enjoy easily spreadable butter for toast and recipes that require softened butter.

Designs and patterns vary. Please visit our store to purchase this item.