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String Art – Yoga Pose

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A creative person at heart, Melonia was always looking for an outlet for her creativity, especially after immigrating to Manitoba from Northern Ireland in 2012, but she struggled to find the time while working at an extremely busy agency as a Social Worker with long and inconsistent hours.

After moving to a different organization, Melonia had time to explore a few different options before deciding on string art. The repetitive nature of hammering nails in along with the intense concentration needed for teeny, tiny nails was very therapeutic and Dandy Wee Strings was born in 2016.

Now based in Minnedosa, Manitoba, Dandy Wee Strings has expanded significantly since opening in 2016 and now includes adult DIY Kits, kids’ DIY Kits, the popular Mini MB blocks, Christmas ornaments and of course, the business’s bread and butter, custom orders.

Appox. 9″ x 9″