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Cabbage Rolls – Rice & Ground Beef

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Our delicious savoury cabbage rolls are one of our most in-demand selections. Once you try them, you’ll want to have more! They’re convenient, nourishing, and surprisingly low calorie compared to other main courses. Cabbage rolls are a complete meal on their own, or you can be fancy and add a side salad.

Our cabbage rolls are delectable, wrapped pockets of various seasoned fillings, handmade by our founder Amanda Lynn and her team at our dedicated gluten free facility east of Winnipeg in Anola, Manitoba. They’ve mastered the art of rolling the cabbage leaves as perfectly as Amanda Lynn’s beloved Mom and Ukrainian Baba (grandma) so that you can take and bake a wonderful homemade meal and skip the time-consuming prep work!

The Rice & Ground Beef Cabbage Rolls are Amanda Lynn’s all-time favourite. Made with locally sourced grass fed ground beef – like beef from Anola – it doesn’t get any more local than that!

1 dozen   Oven Ready

Dairy free