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Bath Salts – Gift Box – Calming

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Handcrafted with mineral-rich Canadian sea salts harvested from the west coast of Vancouver Island. Featuring a premium grade of Epsom salts scented with organic essential and natural absolute oils.  Set includes one of our West Coast Honeysuckle, Lazy Lavender and Soothing Eucalyptus.

  • West Coast Honeysuckle – Calming Blend – The lovely scent of honeysuckle fills the room with sweet floral notes helping to bring you into a calm and peaceful relaxing state of mind. A combination of Epsom Salts, Natural Canadian Sea Salts and Honeysuckle Essential Oil provides an appealing aroma and the ability to ease the discomfort caused from mild headaches.
  • Lazy Lavender – Making our Lazy Lavender Sea Soak a part of your rejuvenation therapy will help calm, revitalize and balance the mind and body. Featuring our mineral-rich Canadian Sea Salt and premium therapeutic Epsom Salts infused with Lavender Essential Oil. This blend can help relieve restlessness and promote restful sleep.
  • Soothing Eucalyptus – Melt away stress and soothe tired muscles with our Soothing Eucalyptus Mineral Sea Soak. Handcrafted with all natural mineral-rich Canadian Sea Salts made from the pristine coastal waters of Vancouver Island. Blended with therapeutic grade Epsom Salts and scented with Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Whether you’re feeling sore from physical activity, stressed from everyday life or a little under the weather our mineral soaks can be your saving grace. Creating the best ‘alone time’ naturally.